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About MDRI
  The Mitrovic Development & Research Institute (MDRI) is a South African organisation, situated in Somerset West, dedicated to assisting the development of public, private and non-profit organisations in the Western Cape, South Africa and internationally. MDRI was founded in 2012 following many years of management consulting, fundraising and research work undertaken by its founders Tanya and Zoran Mitrovic.  
Tanya Mitrovic
Dr Zoran Mitrovic


Chairperson & Director
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Director:  Research & Advisory

  Tanya Mitrovic is a highly dedicated non- profit organisation (NPO) governance and fundraising specialist. She is extensively involved in the development of NPOs through governance and management consulting and ongoing fundraising research which results in effective fundraising. During recent years she has successfully worked on substantial fundraising projects that helped a number of NPOs in South Africa. Tanya also serves on various Management Committees, Boards and Trusts of a number of organisations in the Western Cape.   Dr Zoran Mitrovic is an ICT professional and senior academic with over 40 years of the combined experience in consulting, lecturing and research. He is currently one of Directors at the VM Advisory (vmadvisory.com) and is also frequently associated with certain South African and overseas universities.
Dr Mitrovic is the European Commission Research Executive Agency ICT expert.
He specialised in the following consulting, research and lecturing areas:
• Information Systems Management (strategies, IS business benefits);
• Cybersecurity Management (organisational strategies and policies, board concerns, cybersecurity risk management, awareness campaigns, insider threats, capacity building programmes, national strategies and policies);
• 4IR technologies for organisational and societal advancement
• e-Skills/e-Competences development (National, organisational);
• e-Government;
• ICT for Development (ICT4D)
• The European Commission ICT-58-2020 Programme Evaluator
Dr Mitrovic is the author of academic and popular articles. His popular articles on various cybersecurity topics are aimed at the non-technical business people and the wider public. Since the articles are published elsewhere, all of them are, for easier
access, grouped on his company’s blog: https://mdricoza.wordpress.com/
In order to serve its clients in the most effective manner, MDRI employs highly qualified, knowledgeable, skilled and committed consultants on a project basis. Having adopted this strategy we are able to keep our overhead spending under strict control and serve our clients in the most cost-effective manner without compromising the high quality of our services.